Certificated Coaching Programs

Adler programs are especially developed for all level of executives who aim at professional development and change, human resources professionals, trainers and teachers, psychologists, consultants and professionals who seek for assistance to develop and improve their work.

Adler Coaching Model takes its name and is based on guiding principles from individual psychology works of Austrian psychologist and pedagogue Alfred Adler who is known as “the father of coaching”.

Alfred Adler’s holistic approach in analyzing the feelings and thoughts of an individual without isolating the person from society and with due regard to the environmental factors is the building block of modern individual psychology. This approach which advocates that each individual is a unique source with his/her inherent strengths and accumulated experience, constitutes the essence of the Adler Coaching Model that reminds “appreciating differences” and “whole is beyond its components”. Adler carries this model, which takes its power from academic foundations, further by providing training in Leadership Coaching. .

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Program Contents

ICF accredited Certified Coaching Program, which offers specific coaching formal education in total of 15 days, is designed as three modules:

  • Foundations of Professional Coaching
  • Coaching in the Context of Work
  • Moving Toward Artful Coaching

You may attend teleclasses between modules to reinforce your learning..

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MODULE 1: Foundations of Professional Coaching (5 days/ 32 hours)

  • Key distinctions regarding the scope and subject matter of coaching
  • Conceptual foundations of coaching. Adler’s coaching model and implementations
  • Basic coaching competencies
  • Tools and techniques for beginning level in coaching
  • Opportunities to apply coaching competencies, tools and techniques
  • Option to attend 2 teleclasses and 2 independent homework


MODULE 2: Coaching in the Context of Work (5 days/ 30 hours)

  • Ability to apply coaching knowledge and competencies effectively in workplace and within corporate context
  • Special tools, techniques and coaching process in workplace
  • Further development of abilities and enhancement of coaching knowledge
  • 2 independent homework


MODULE 3: Moving Toward Artful Coaching (5 days/ 30 hours)

  • Deepening coaching competencies under five headlines
  • Coach and the client as a students aiming at mastery
  • Combination of different coaching situations
  • Effective usage of creativity and imagination