Mindfulness – Conscious Awareness Training

Mindfulness- What is Mindfulness?

Such attention awareness brings forth clarity and acceptance of the reality of the present moment. We awake to the reality that our existence reveals itself only at this present moment. If we are not wholly there at any of these moments, we not only miss the most valuable things in our lives but also pass by the opportunities, which come to our way and which we may use for change and growth, without noticing how rich and deep they are.

Directly experiencing the present moment positively affects the neuroplasticity skill of the brain. Neuroplasticity skill not only transforms the structural formation of the brain but also its functioning, intellectual experiences (emotions, emotional balance) and the reactions of the body. (reaction to stress and activities of the immune system.)

Being consciously focused is the art of living in awareness. It means being standstill and only exist. Can you, for one moment, come to a stop in your life as such? Can that moment be this moment? If you could do it, what could happen?

At the rapid pace of today’s world, it seems impossible to stay consciously focused. In reality, the modern world has made less consciously focused.

We may list our gains as we can bring conscious focus to our work environment

  • Lessening of the level of stress
  • Increase in productivity
  • Better health conditions
  • Feeling of belongingness and increase in goal orientation

The biggest obstacles for above stated gains are as follows:

  • Not being respected
  • Not being valued
  • Not being listened to
  • Being criticized and accused

The fallacy of the assumption that emotions have no place in work environment is now scientifically proven. What is beneficial for us to learn is to manage our lives and work without being in the grip of our emotions.

Program content:

  • What is mindfulness- conscious focus?
  • How does the triangle Brain- Mind - Focus work?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How can I get out of auto- pilot?
  • What may be my contribution to inter-company productivity?

Who should attend?

This program is presented to individuals and suitable for managers in an organization.