Executive  Coaching

Impartial, Effective and Smooth Development Platform

In today’s world, conditions and tools change so rapidly that sometimes the idiom “only thing that is constant is the change” may become insufficient. With development in information technologies, perspectives and wishes of the employees, besides relative concepts like organizational structures and job definitions, are affected by change.

Working with a coach, middle and high level professional managers may create sustainable and effective solutions to challenges they encounter and direct change by transforming into visionary leaders in an impartial and independent development environment.

Executive coaching covers the process which shows variations between the situations whereby mostly the executive directs his/her awareness, learning, development and choices in cases where the coach acts as the expert. This coaching style gives opportunity for general development while basically focusing on skill development and performance.

After partnering, the client and the coach meet at a place, time and date they mutually decide on to perform the coaching session. Within the framework of the agreement concerning ethic codes they have undersigned with the ICF (International Coach Federation), Adler CE coaches pledge that they shall not share any knowledge about the high interests, personal information and content of their sessions with third parties without prior consent of the client. For the coaching service to be productive, Adler CE recommends that the client is together with a coach for a minimum of 10 sessions.


The client chooses the most suitable coach with her/his will among Adler CE’s professional coaches.

After choosing, the client and the coach organize a free- of- charge meeting to ensure they have made the right choice. If not, Adler CE restarts partnering process with a new coach.

The client and the coach prepare together a schedule to determine the time, date and frequency of the sessions. After the sessions are finished, they perform an evaluation meeting.

According to the agreement between the client and the coach, evaluation meetings may be held at certain times while coaching service is in progress.

Why Professional Executive Coaching?

At present, coaching competencies are accepted as basic work skills. Just recently, coaching was considered to be a sort of therapy to “remedy a defect”. Now coaching is a profession mentioned as being evaluated in job descriptions and performance appraisals in the front rank. Human development ability of the leaders has become a corporate priority.

A new type of professionals is taking place of the executives whose approach is “My word is order”: Executives need to show success in development of their teams and create a harmonious work environment to increase performance besides being experts in their field of work. Leaders now know that development of the initiative and creativity of their teams can be a learned skill.

Coaching skills seem to be an indispensible attribute for meetings. Executives understand that the value of the meeting can be increased by using coaching tools such as questioning to facilitate a deeper understanding in their employees who complain of wearing themselves out due to a lot meetings they daily attend.

Coach Selection Process- Finding the most Suitable

One of the most important principles of executive coaching is that the coach and the client are comfortable with each other. The executive client especially wants to feel good alignment with the coach she/he works with.

We may list some of the questions you have to consider before your selection interview as follows:

  • What are the attributes I seek for in a coach?
  • Which points I do I want to focus on during the coaching service I receive?
  • What do I need to know/ learn about my coach to trust in her/him?
  • What do I need to feel/ experience about my coach to trust in her/ him?
  • What concerns do I have regarding coaching?

The factors you have to take into consideration in selecting your coach may be listed as follows:
  • Alignment
  • Warm relationship
  • Trust in the coach
Why is Executive Coaching Service for Leaders is given?
  • As you focus of these priorities, Executive Coaching Program facilitates you to sustain your development as a coach and leader for coaches besides providing you personalized support. Working with an executive coach offers you a private and confidential learning environment as you strive to strengthen your strengths more and focus on your growth areas.
  • Executive Coaching Program is presented by ICF accredited and Adler certified professional coaches who have at least 10 years of professional management expertise. The clients select the coach they prefer to work with in accordance with the criteria they determine.


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