Journey in Communication Expertise Program

Goal of Program:

The goal of this two-day program is to endow the necessary basic skill and competency to the participants to establish better relationships and make effective negotiations inner and outer customer context. The aim is to contribute their managerial skills by learning feedback, effective listening and understanding tools; understand different leadership styles and structure communication with regard of the requirement to master in the way of communication.

Benefits of the Program:
  • Strengthening the inner and outer customer relations context of the organization’s employees.
  • Developing basic communication and relationship skills of the employees,
  • Gaining competency in receiving and giving feedback,
  • Adopting and using effective listening tools,
  • Understanding different communication styles and gaining flexibility skill in regard of mutual requirements.
Follow up workshop
  • One month after the training, face to face interview with the participants will be made.
  • Feedback will be received from the participants about the tools and competencies learned during the training. Tools learned will be practiced.
  • With the follow up workshop, the participants will cement their learning and be able to use the tools they have learned effectively in their daily lives.
Content of the Program:
  • Role of mindset in our thoughts and emotions (Learner- Judger Mindset)
  • Stronger communication and more productive management of relations
  • Role of mindset in communication and customer relations
  • Emotional intelligence and management of emotions
  • Effective communication for change
  • Effective listening
  • Effective listening tools and techniques
  • Developing listening and questioning skills
  • Effective questioning
  • Developing feedback receiving and giving skills
  • Effect of positive feedback in facilitating change
  • Process of appraisal
  • Importance of appraisal in relationships and its application to daily life
  • Leadership wheel model
  • Leadership wheel model: understanding ourselves and other different styles
  • Establishing effective communication skills with different styles
  • Shadow sides of different styles
  • Farklı stillerin gölge yanları
  • Making personal strengths and weaknesses and development areas studies in regard of communication competency
  • Preparing individual action plans