Our Coaching Approach

Our Approach

Blends tested, thoroughly researched, proved theories and models with well processed experimental activities to include into application. Provides expert supervision who handles participant requirements at individual level.

Our Model

An in depth understanding of the human beings’ change processes and the power of the coaching relationship oriented to facilitate these change processes. An extensive practice offered in various organizations and countries with success.

Our Expertise

Our experienced faculty members:

Are leaders in advance levels of their profession and a team that has undertaken the mission of introducing coaching approach to individuals and organizations worldwide.

Adler coaching model comprises the basis of our understanding regarding following concepts:
Coaching objectives
Coaching focus
Power of coaching communication

Performance, Learning and Fulfillment presented as the outer triangle of the Adler model are the areas our clients want to experience change.

What do you really want?

This question is stepping into coaching. Coaching makes the multi-faceted challenges of a human being living embedded in systems understandable. A coach has to be qualified to assist individuals to identify and fulfill goals that are meaningful for them; move towards these goals with due regard of their present situation and personal attributes.

Fundamentally, coaching is about facilitating necessary changes to achieve expected end results. It carries present situation to a desired future state.


Nine Guiding Principles that Inform Adler’s Coaching Approach

These principles express how to be a better human being on this world. In Adler Coaching Certificate program, we explore the nine principles stated below. These principles are described with clarity in all of Adler International Learning programs.

We are important;
  • Every human being is creative and self- creating.
  • Every human being is by nature meaning-seeking and meaning- making.
  • Every human being has unique strengths and gifts with which to create a meaningful life.
Our Potential

Reflection and inquiry are essential for enhanced awareness, which in turn is a key in the quest for greater excellence and meaning in working and living.

A human being is an integrated whole consisting of many different aspects: mind, body and spirit thinking, feeling and imagination, etc. effective and meaningful working and living require congruence and synergy among these different elements.

As human beings, we always have both the freedom and the responsibility to choose.

Our relationship with others:

Our subjective view of reality- our beliefs, assumptions, and mental models, “stories” about ourselves, others and the world in which we operate- nfluences our choices and actions.

As human beings, we are embedded in a multi-faceted life, and we form part of many systems of relationships.

The guiding principles outlined above provide grounding for intentional action, leading to the creation of meaningful results.