Sales Skills Workshop

Sales Skills Workshop

Nowadays Sales World is more challenging than eve. To sell in this economy, we need more than a couple of easily practicable theories; we need practical skills which work in the real world.

Sales Skills Workshop is designed especially for this purpose. Our methodology is developed to relay your sales staff through enjoyable workshops, sales knowledge well- tried in all sectors and acquired on the field besides accumulated experience and vast theoretical information in the sales, sales management and leadership areas. The results will be improved and changed processes and behavior, increase in revenue and profitability and low costs introduced by efficient work methods.

If you wish you sales managers to take their places in the new sales world as value creating, dependable consultants who go beyond selling a product to customers and become their work partners by creating long term relations instead of a onetime deal and by creating value enhancing solution alternatives, you may work with us in this area.

The goal of the Sales Skills Workshop consists of;
  • Establishing a measurable sales process which includes sales pipeline and evaluation of the opportunities to enable you to make consistent projections and plans for growth and giving its training,
  • Business development methodology that will enable the sales divisions to speak the same language and develop consistent approaches,
  • Team works to assimilate a strong “value based sales” concept in the organization to set up long term relationships with the customers,
  • To set a standard that will increase the productivity of the sales meetings by sales planning on yearly, periodic and monthly plan basis sales
Program Content:
  • Creative sales
  • Establishing network
  • Sales fears
  • Our elevator story
  • Getting ready for customer meeting
  • Selling to high level managers
  • Sales negotiation techniques
  • Managing hard dialogues
  • Models to enter a market
  • Let's make a picture of your sales model
  • How should we be in today’s sales world?
  • Value based sales
  • Sales cycle from opportunity to profit
  • Strategies in front of competitors
  • Step by step sales funnel
  • Reporting in sales
  • At which level does your organization realize sales today?
  • What works, what should be developed?

Duration: 2 days
Who should attend: Sales managers of all levels