Registrations are now open for Autumn Coaching Programs!

1ST Module of ICF accredited coaching programs will be on August 31- September in Istanbul. Please contact with us for detaild information and early bird registration options.

Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Conflict Management Coaching Workshop will be starting 1-4 December 2016. For more information;

Moving Toward Coaching: Practicum Program!

Early bird registations are now avalible for Practicum November Class in Istanbul. Please contact with Practicum Manager for detailed information.

Adler Central Europe ,serves coaching, leadership and mentoring programs to individuals and corporates with globally acknowledged programs. As a posivitely changing Company, Adler is one of the best coaching company all around the world.


Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change that will lead to desired results– facilitating movement from a current state to a more desirable state in either a personal or professional setting. At Adler we stress experiential, hands-on, applied learning.

We believe you must use the skills to own them. From day one of the Foundations course, and throughout the certificate program, you will coach under the supervision of faculty, so that you will personify the coaching paradigm, and DO as well as KNOW coaching. From the outset of the program, participants are expected to coach and be coached, bringing their own real life issues to the learning process. In addition to learning how to coach, participants engage in a parallel personal learning journey.

Adler's coursework is mainly face-to-face, with teleclasses, online workshops and distance learning as supplements. We feel that nothing can replace personal contact as an aid to learning. Our Practicum is offered both in person and via a distance learning format to accommodate different needs.

Our faculty of top professional coaches has drawn on their experiences with coaching and coach training to develop a sound foundation for this fast growing profession, as well as to provide up-to-date hands-on techniques. Because of this, we have taken our place as a leader in the field of coach training.



What is unique about the Adler School of Professional Coaching?

With locations around the world, Adler offers a globally respected, in-depth coach training program and model that can be applied to virtually any coaching situation. We prepare our coaches to use depth of knowledge and best practices in coaching, while finding their own unique style and voice as a coach. Adler takes the lead in providing coach training that is grounded in theory, informed by research, and is at the forefront of defining professionalism in coaching. At Adler, we believe that a combination of six criteria makes our Coach Training Programs unique and effective: depth, breadth, applied learning, experiencing your own coaching, in-person contact, and quality of trainers and mentors.

Our values, as shown in the graphic above, are grounded in Adlerian principles, align with the coaching mindset, and inform our approach to teaching.