Internal Coaching Programs

Solution Partnership in Every Phase of the Process

The intention of internal coaching service that is a chain in Adler Integrated Corporate Coaching Solutions is to enhance the productivity, performance and awareness of the employees in regard of middle and long term goals; continue the coaching process within the company and intensify the competency of the coach brought up within the company by mentoring.

HR managers, department managers, leaders and top level executives work with Adler Professional Executive Coaches to develop their competencies in internal coaching and gain practice.

After the individual attains coaching competencies, Internal Coaching Service facilitates the individual to step into the coaching process by working with people in her/his department or directed by the HR. Besides the individual’s practicing personal coaching skills, this coaching system facilitates the other employees to enter into the coaching process and raises their awareness about their weakness issues.

The executive who is to take Internal Coaching Services must have Adler CE Professional Certificate Program completed.


After completing the necessary programs for Internal Coaching, the individual and the related department of the company he/ she works in decide on how to initiate the process. After that, he/she begins a mentoring program with Adler Executive Coaching for 6 months, once every month. During this time, he/she begins sessions with 2 weeks intermission with the managers taking coaching within the company. For this process to continue in the most productive way, the internal coach and Adler Executive Coaches have to work together.


The company’s HR department or the related department select a number of Internal Coaches according to their requirements among the managers who have attended Professional Coaching Certificate Program. A design session is organized with the employees they choose to receive coaching and alignment between coach and client is observed. Then the process is initiated.