Positive Change: Leader as Coach©

Sustainable and Measurable HR Solutions

In order to stand out in competition in our world where creating difference by growing and development is indispensible, it is necessary to encourage the employees to think in different perspectives and find their creative solutions instead of controlling them with rigid principles and conventional systems . Corporations that support coaching culture which involves motivating the employees by giving them autonomy attain higher success and productivity.

The aim of Adler CE’s “Positive Change: Coach-like Leader©” program is to enable the participants to adopt the coaching mindset with its basic competencies and tools, relayed in the first module “Foundations of Professional Coaching” of the ICF accredited Coaching Certificate Program in a 2 day process and thus generate creative and sustainable solutions within the company

Individual Gains:
  • Increasing awareness about values and strengthsı
  • Basic coaching competencies and tools
  • New perspectives and choices with coaching knowledge
  • Active participation in decision making mechanisms and accountability
  • Intentional and more effective communication with the environment and other people
Corporate Gains :
  • Open and effective communication between the employees and departments
  • Removal of built-in prejudices and assumptions
  • Corporate culture open to creative solutions, supporting different ideas and new projects
  • Employees’ identifying with the company and adopting the corporate mission
Why “Positive Change: Coach-like Leader©”?
  • “Positive Change: Coach-like Leader©” program is developed by faculty leaders who are experts in Adler’s organizational psychology and coaching competency areas.
  • The organization’s requirements are determined by administering a preliminary test to all participants before the program. The content of the training is designed according to the results.
  • The program is offered by experienced Adler coaches with ICF professional coach and trainer certification in an atmosphere with mutual interaction.
  • Continuity and strengthening of the learning is maintained by teleclasses after the program
  • A measurable and concrete report of the results is prepared with a final exam after the teleclasses are finished.
Who should Participate?
  • Middle and high level managers with leadership responsibilities
  • Executives and managers who want to be more effective in developing the capacities of their employees.
  • People who want to develop their coaching competencies to practice as internal consultants, human resources and training professionals.
  • Organizations that aim at higher performance and leadership culture by setting closer relations with their employees.
Program Content :
  • Right conditions for coaching in organizational and leadership context
  • New perspectives in coaching approaches and Adler’s Coaching Model
  • Relationship between coaching and performance management
  • Discovering and managing change
  • Coaching in the triangle of Relationship- Process- Conversation
  • Creation of an action plan and its implementation