Advance Level Coaching Program: Practicum

Practicum is an intensive and powerful learning process. It deepens your coaching mastery by integrating following learning elements:Review and feedback of your coaching practices;Participating in learning laboratories (This is the laboratory whereby the client cases are evaluated, coaching concepts are discovered in depth and learning process is deepened by interaction with other participants);Coaching to clients (at least 40 hours) and reflecting your learning form coaching experience purposefully;Receiving coaching support from an accredited coach;Performing assignments and extra readings. Furthermore, you will enhance your understanding of the Adler model and Adler’s Guiding Principles by acquiring a deeper consciousness about the common role of the model and principles in defining coaching process and experience.

Who should participate?

This program is the fourth part of the Certificate Program. Anybody who have successfully finished Module 3: Moving Toward Artful Coaching may participate. The students, provided that they comply to certain prerequisites and participate in the first one third part of the Practice Period to Moving Toward Artful Coaching course, may apply for this program after they complete Coaching at Workplace program.

Time Commitment

Practicum program, spreads out to an approximately seven month (26 week) period beginning from registration to completion of the program. During these seven months, the students should take part actively in the coaching process and participate in learning elements every week to meet the completion requirements successfully. The students obtain the right to take certificate exams provided that they meet all provisions of the Practice Program and have completed minimum 100 hours of coaching experience with their clients.


The format of the Practicum is presented as Learning Laboratories of the Adler School ( for 4 hours)and by phone and virtual way (for 2 hours) during review and feedback stages. The students are registered as a group and a Laboratory Leader and supervisors are appointed to each group. Since the student group is to be together for seven months, the learning process will be more productive if they support each other in terms of their competencies. In Practice Program, a student group consists of 8-12 participants.

Certificate Exam

a- Written exam
b- Oral exam
You have to complete minimum 100 hours of coaching experience to enter the exam. Practicum program has to be completed to enter Certification Exam. For detailed information and to enroll to Practicum and Certification Exam process, please contact Practicum Consultant by phone (+90 212 319 7730) or by e-mail

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