After graduating from London Polytechnic as a Computer Engineer, Ayla Türkmen has worked in both multinational and local institutions for twenty five years.

She has improved her leadership skills in multinational environments. In the last years of her corporate career that lasted until 2000, as a senior manager she has worked as a sales director and general director.

Establishing her own company in 2000, she has started working as a coach and trainer on leadership development with individuals and institutions. She also provides corporate services as a consultant for strategy formulation and planning at every level.

Ayla Türkmen also works as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) licensed coach with PCC accreditation and a faculty member who graduated from Adler Coaching School (ACPC).

Situational Leadership, Sales and Sales Support, Learning Organizations, Leadership, Team Coaching, Mentoring, Applications of Positive Psychology to Leadership, Mindfulness-Awareness, Organizations with Awareness, Violence-free Communication, Need-oriented Communication can be listed as current training programs in which she has participated.

Her approach on leadership development seeks to facilitate individuals to bring their authentic features to their daily lives and she carries out her development programs with groups, teams, individuals with this approach.

She is interested in neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetic, which are sciences that explain the cognitive and physical structure of the human mind. She is enthusiastic about cosmology in that macro cosmos shows the connection to micro cosmos.

Mother of two and grandmother of two, Ayla is a woman who makes an effort to see life as a whole and she reflects her holistic philosophy on her work as an approach to encourage awareness and need-oriented communication.