Graduated from Istanbul University Industrial Engineering and Bilgi University Executive MBA, She worked as a manager in various fields for 10 years in the family company, which is one of the few textile retail companies in Turkey. Process design and management, production and retail planning, logistics, operations management, project management, corporate sales are his areas of expertise. She has managed the e-commerce sales channels and fulfillment processes of 3 brands for the last 5 years. Designing and managing all components of E-commerce is among their expertise. Simultaneously, she provided in-house coaching.

She made her first academic study on the management and psychological effects of the professionalization and institutionalization processes of family companies.

She has focused her academic studies on neuroscience and child development for the last 3 years. She completed her master's degree in Neuroscience from Üsküdar University and continues her thesis on showing the changing focusing skills of adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with QEEG.

She continues her Master's Degree in Child Development at Üsküdar University and focuses her research on parenting education of children with special educational needs. She completed the Harvard Business School “Entrepreneurship Essentials” certificate program. Transactional Analysis and Optimum Balance Model trainings specially designed for coaches are among the trainings he received. Children with special needs are yoga instructors.

She is the founder of Infinitcrea Leadership and Coaching. Infinitcrea's Entrepreneurial Leader Program offers tailor-made coaching to start-up founders and small business owners.

She received her coaching training from Adler Central Europe. Afterwards, She completed the Adler Central Europe Practicum process and received the title of ACPC and later PCC.

She worked with 7th and 8th grade students at the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey for 3 years. As an ICF-approved coach, ÇYDD, the Future is Clearer Youth Platform (GDN), Bizbizze Association, Turkish Education Association (TED), Turkey Informatics Association, Turkey's Engineer Girls projects are among the projects in which he took part as a volunteer coach.

She summarizes her life purpose as constantly learning, using his creativity in every situation and condition, and working to create benefits.

She is a licensed artist of the art of "Kati", which is one of the traditional Turkish Decorative Arts. He took part in various projects and group exhibitions.