Dr. Selçuk ALİMDAR

Dr. Selçuk ALİMDAR


Dr. Selçuk ALİMDAR

He was born in 1977 in Germany. He studied Sociology, MBA and PhD of Musicology. He worked in customer service, marketing-sales and human resources areas at Yapı Kredi, Aria, Avea, Turk Telekom and Tofas. He took leadership roles in call center, process development, audit, organization design, budgeting, remuneration, training, HR strategies, HR IT program management, experience design, gamification, agility consultancy for 15 years. He led Tofas Academy that became world’s #1 in the ATD BEST list. The agility and training-development projects he led were crowned by 38 international awards. Alimdar was chosen Chief Learning Officer of the Year by Stevie for Great Employers in 2019.

Alimdar managed Turkey’s first employee experience design program between 2011-2013 and thus entered the design thinking field. Within the scope of the project, he designed end-to-end HR processes with stakeholders and established measurement systems. He also specialized in user experience and gamification.

Alimdar established Turkey's first agility center of excellence (Agile Studio) helping teams in IT software, IT operations, R&D, sales, marketing, customer care and HR domains. In 2015 and 2016, the agile transformation initiative was awarded by Stevie IBA and ATD. Alimdar has PSM III (Professional Scrum Master), PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner) and KMP I (Kanban System Design) certifications.

Over the last 15 years, Alimdar has designed and delivered numerous training on customer experience, innovation, problem solving, interview techniques, personal productivity, facilitation, ROI, change management, coaching and agility. He has also been mentoring a few of these topics for some time now. He has been designing and facilitating innovation, strategy and cooperation workshops for 8 years.

Alimdar completed Adler International's Professional Coaching, CRR Global’s ORSC, Erickson’s Team Coaching, AoEC’s Systemic Team Coaching, Lewis Deep Democracy’s Institute for Deep Democracy and Transactional Analysis programs. He is currently an executive and team coach with an ACC degree.

Following a 20-years corporate life, in 2020 Selcuk works as a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator and coach regarding agility, innovation, leadership and change. He is one of the program leaders in Adler Coaching & Business Trainings.

Alimdar is the author of Western Music in the Ottoman Empire and interpreter of Prince Dimitrie Cantemir, Organize for Complexity and Scrum Guide. Alimdar is actively involved in playing ney and cello, archery, botanic pressing, calligraphy and pilates.