İlgin GÜNÖY, Chairman of the Board

Born in İzmir, İlgin Günöy studied Classical Archeology in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography at Ankara University after completing her high school education at İzmir Turkish College...

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After completing her Bachelor’s degree in the Department of Chemistry at Istanbul University, she has received her Master’s degree in the Economics of Management in 1993 and Marketing in 1995 at Istanbul University...

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Nihal ONAR, Marketing and Communication Consultant

Nihal Onar, born in 1980 in Istanbul finished Turkish- Mathematics division of ISTEK Foundation Atanur Oguz Private Senior High School and took her associate degree from Istanbul Bilgi University General Administration Department....

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Mehmet SAHAN, Financial Affairs Consultant

Mehmet Sahan was born in Ödemiş, İzmir in 1960. Completing his primary and secondary education in Ödemiş, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Administration at Marmara University in 1982...

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