Individual Coaching Programs
Individual Coaching with Adler: Result yielding leadership growth advantage

Combining its local expertise combined with Adler International Learning’s 10 years of international experience, Adler Central Europe offers Adler Executive Coaching Services to assist individuals in taking more effective decisions. Individual Coaching Program aims to help you enhance your development, direct your skills to an effective implementation and hold yourself accountable for your performance as a leader and a coach.

What is Individual Coaching?

Individual Coaching may cover a process, during which the coach intervenes by acting as the expert, whereby more people learn awareness and express variation between the issues and orient their development and choices. This coaching style may enable the individual to focus on general developments as he/she basically focuses on skill development and performance.

  • Skill development coaching- Coach’s expertise is used to support the individual in acquiring special skills for effective performance and successful implementation of these skills in the context of leadership.
  • Performance coaching- Coach uses general coaching principles to support the individuals in their venture to enhance their effectiveness in their present roles.
  • Development coaching- Coach enters into a long time process in supporting the individual in personal development, increasing her/his reflection quality and emotional intelligence, gaining perspective and preserving focus while acquiring a better work- life balance to enhance personal wellbeing and effectiveness.

The boundaries between different types of coaching are not distinctly established. Any coaching work may exhibit particularity of more than one “type” during practice.

Coach Selection Process
  • Confidentiality commitment
  • We guarantee to set up a safe and comfortable environment to attain the best learning and development level for you. All the coaches you will work with are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) which is a professional organization determining the profession’s practice and ethic principles. ICF’ Code of Ethics, offering a special commitment of confidentiality, are binding for all of us. Please review ICF Code of Ethics and Implementation Standards.
  • Coach selection process- Finding the most suitable

One of the most important principles of Individual Coaching is that the coach and the client are comfortable with each other. The client especially wants to feel good alignment with the coach she/he works with. We may list some of the questions you have to consider before your selection interview as follows:

  • What are the attributes I seek for in a coach?
  • Which points I do I want to focus on during the coaching service I receive?
  • What do I need to know/ learn about my coach to trust in her/him?
  • What do I need to feel/ experience about my coach to trust in her/ him?
  • What concerns do I have regarding coaching?
The factors you have to take into consideration in selecting your coach may be listed as follows:
  • Alignment
  • Warm relationship
  • Trust in the coach

Steps to Follow During Selecting the Coach:

  • Review the profiles of the professional coaches in Adler Executive Coaches page.
  • Determine two executive coaches you want to meet.
  • Contact Adler CE to meet the coaches you have determined..
  • Meet the coaches to determine your affiliation. After you choose the coach, organize your session schedule with Adler CE.
  • Individual Coaching Services , totaling to 10 sessions, will be designed after face-to-face interview with you.
Obtaining Maximum Productivity from Individual Coaching Services
  • Select a coach you align with. The coach will be your partner in the learning and development process. Evaluate your time well in the selection process by choosing a coach with style, capability and approach to meet your expectations and wishes from this partnership. You may expect your coach to increase your awareness about your thinking style, show understanding, provide feedback, offer creative ideas and hold a mirror.
  • Determine your goals and the specific results you intend to attain. Do not rush in determining the meaningful goals you expect to reach by your work with the coach. Your goals should first be meaningful for you so that they are motivating. The objectives of the coaching work and the results you aim at may show a wide variety.
  • Show Alignment and Ask of Support. Coaching service is offered to support you in your endeavor to attain your corporate goals. These goals should be related to the leadership context expected from you.
  • Take Hold Of and Show Commitment. Coaching work will be most efficient if you adapt yourself thoroughly to this process without dispersing you attention. This work also covers candid idea interchange with your coach regarding your coaching experience
  • Adopt a Learner Mindset. Coaching is a process encompassing the enlargement of your learning scope, exploration of new ways to open new doors, trial and error practices and risk taking. The success of the coaching work depends on your openness to learning
  • Monitor your Development and Do Not Refrain from Making Commitment. Come prepared to sessions. Between sessions abide to your commitments. Take care to monitor your development and follow your successes.
  • Accept that Change Takes Time. You will want to go through the door quickly and create brand new opportunities for quick wins. But do not forget that sustainable change will take time. Be patient with yourself. Acknowledge that the developments you make are as important as the results.

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