About Us

Adler International Learning (previously Adler School of Professional Coaching) was established in 1998 in Toronto by Dr. Linda Page who was the president of Adler School of Professional Coaching. After pilot trainings, Dr. Linda Page, who is an expert in application of Adlerian theory in the business world, established the Adler Professional Coaching Certificate Program together with a group of professional coaches with management expertise over many years.

In 2006 the accredited program approved by the ICF, which is recognized as being the biggest organization determining the ethical rules, training guidelines and standards of the coaching profession, achieved the honor of being the first certification program in Canada to train professional coaches. The training program of Adler International Learning, which is aimed at organizations besides individuals, is based on Adler’s “positive psychology” principle. At Present, Adler Learning International, carries on its “Leadership Coaching” program, which was previously implemented with the School of Continuing Studies in Toronto University, with Western University. At the same time, a ten year collaboration is made with TAPE Studies for Professionals which provides development opportunities for social services and psychology professionals. The Adler Graduate Professional School which is a sister organization of the Adler International Learning, offers fully accredited postgraduate psychology programs.

Adler International Learning Canada, U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Turkey have rendered service to over 500 companies and over 4,500 managers.

Besides providing ICF accredited professional coaching certificate programs, Adler International Learning is a member of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations), founding member Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, participant to International Consortium of Corporate Coaching and WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) credentialing committee member.


The company which began rendering service in 2008 as Adler Turkey, was renamed as Adler Central Europe after inclusion of central Europe, near East and Dubai to its territory. Adler Central Europe has graduated over 800 senior management staff, human resources professionals, trainers, psychologists and other professionals from its ICF accredited Professional Coaching Certificate Program. Besides Istanbul, Adler Central Europe offers services in Ankara and Izmir in Turkish and English.

The main corporate services of Adler Central Europe in providing Integrated Corporate Coaching Solutions are concentrated under the headings:

With its ICF certification and leaders and trainers who have extensive professional coaching and management experience, ADLER combines a global know-how with local experience to facilitate integration of the coaching culture into every level of the organization, thus enhancing communication within the organization and between organizations to strengthen the competitive advantage of the organization.
Adler Central Europe creates sustainable and measurable value through the services offered to the corporations within the top ten in the financial, automotive, energy, telecommunication, pharmacology and many other sectors.


Adler Coaching Model takes its name from and is based on the guiding principles of the Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist Alfred Adler’s individual psychology works. Alfred Adler’s holistic approach in analyzing the feelings and thoughts of an individual without isolating the person from society and with due regard to the environmental factors is the building block of modern individual psychology. This approach which advocates that each individual is a unique source with his/her inherent strengths and accumulated experience, constitutes the essence of the Adler Coaching Model that reminds “appreciating differences” and “whole is beyond its components”.

Privileged individuals, leaders and organizations worldwide trust in Adler International Learning Central Europe to procure first class service of two types to create positive change. These services are:

Coaching Certificate Program for individuals who want to become a certified coach or adopt a coach approach in workplace. This extensive program in which theory and effective practice is put together, is accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Innovative corporate programs aimed at equipping leaders with related skills and processes in order to discover the skills of their staff to increase their performance, relationship and productivity. One of the most important services of Adler, Positive Change: Leader like a Coach program, is favorable for leaders and managers who seek to be more effective. In addition, this program is credited by ICH Coaching Training Units (CCEU)